Thursday, 7 December 2017

Thats My money

LI: to manage profits and finances. This week for maths I learnt how to manage profits and finances. I learnt by using a spread sheet that gives me money for each math activity option it has . Each day for maths we had to subtract our payment because we had to pay rent on using either a table,floor or benches to work on. We all started from 50 $ each. The activity that most of us did was Protec or  Daily basic facts. Here are screen shots from my activity's I did to earn more money using my spread sheet that counts up my money for each math activity option it has. For the daily basic facts we had to put down some math equations for the other groups to solve. We first had to do a Daily basic facts sheet with answers so then we know we have the right problems thats easy for the other groups. As We finished each task we got given more money. For our Protoec we had to answer division,Multiplication,Subtraction and last of all addition. We then clicked onto the certificate to see how much answers we got correct out of 100.

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