Friday, 1 December 2017

Summer learning Journey

This week for summer learning journey My sister fau and I created a presentation about the treaty of waitangi. We learnt that the treaty of waitangi was first signed back then when it was 1840. We learnt by researching key words and questions. We also went to the library and  read 5 books about the treaty of waitangi just to get a better understanding. A big thanks to our mother for helping us with the searching and paragraph writing. This task took us some time but we manage to blog it on our blog. We checked over 10 sites for more easier understanding info. It took us two whole days as we did lots of research. Fau and I are looking forward to doing more research a day and blogging in the summer. What I realy liked about this task was going to the library and reading some books. The books where hard to understand so we used the dictionary for some help with most of the words we couldn't understand. This event taught me lots of new things about the treaty of waitangi. In our presentation it talks about things that most people question our presentation also presents some ways to use your researching skills. Researching skills are put their just so if you don't know how to research you can research using our way of it. LI: To learn how to use you researching skills by gathering Nz History information.

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