Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Storyboard that

Image result for cycling monorail

This week LS2 have been completing the city of sails challenges. The completed tasks that were set to complete were 5. For one of the activities we were to research a kiwi who invented something. Today Nickaela, Sky, Hajera, Mele, and, I collaboratively worked together to find information about our kiwi inventor. As a group we all agreed to create a storyboard about a kiwi called Geoff Barnett who invented a ride called the cycling monorail. It was called the cycling monorail, because it was exactly like the skyline, but with someone who cycles a bike throughout the whole ride. We decided to create a storyboard about this invention by using storyboard that. Our story was about Geoff Barnett who went to a circus and tried out new rides, but then he thought about creating his own ride, so that kids could be more active, besides sitting on a seat. Above shows the storyboard that we created and a image of Geoff Barnett's invetion.

Monday, 10 December 2018


This week for art we completed our steam punk drawings. I found this fun because it was interesting and easy to do. We did this activity independent so It was a bit difficult but I learnt focus  more and get it done. This is my artwork for steampunk with a bird and tools.

Steam Punk Art

This week we created a DLO about Victorian transport. Victorian transport is when Queen Victoria took the throne for England.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Leader Speeches

This week for leadership week us year sevens completed our speeches for the role we wanted to become. As we all took our turns we were nervous but we made sure to do our best. I had alot of fun as I made sure to be confident and use my time wisely. As I was last to talk I made sure to make it count.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Paper Plane Graph


Today for leadership week we created Paper planes and used them to see who's one went further The point was so that we could have more leadership when making the planes ect. In the end each group versed and so we made a graph on it. There was people measuring how far it went and people writing in the mesurments. The person in my group whos plane went further was marietas. Marietas Paper plane she made/used was called the galaxy fighter. It glides and stays in the air going further the longest.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Athletics day

This week for athletics day we were split into color groups. We did fun activity such as 
the sponge game, Rob the nest and more. It was so much fun as in the end we got given sossages to eat. My favorite game was the sponge game as we all collaborated as a team and as it included water since it was a hot day.


Friday, 16 November 2018

Wolves Myths/Facts


This week for book week we have created a poster on Myths/Facts about wolves. Before we started we firstly read a book written and illustrated by Emily Gravet. This book about wolves was a fun book to read yet it stated a lot of facts about wolves. Here is my DLO on Myths/Facts we found in the book Wolves written by Emily Gravet. 

Thursday, 15 November 2018


This week for book week we read a book full of facts put into a picture book. From it we learnt about
many facts that have to do with Meerkats. Did you know that Meerkats are related to mongoose? This activity was fun as the book turned the facts into a story.

What makes a good Book

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Drawing

This week for Armistice day We created our own drawing of soldiers. Armistice is the celebration of the end of WW1. I found this fun to do because it was  an creative way to show respect to those who participated in WW1.

Armistice celebration ( The Commemoration )

This week we celebrated Armistice day by doing a special Commemoration. In remembrance of the soldiers who took part in the WW1. We show many respect and so we started our Commemoration by
laying the poppies that each class has signed on the fence so everyone can see it. We then played a song that was used on Armistice day itself. It was only trumpets playing and while it played our special visitor from the army salute to the flag as it came up. The final end the soldier himself came to our classroom and talked to us about the army. We then had the chance to ask questions.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Armistice Day (11 November)

This week our focus has been on the Armistice Day WW1. The Armistice Day was first celebrated on the 11th of November. We used our researching skills and found photos of the celebration with a close up on some soldiers ect.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Collaborative Comprehension (Battle of the Somme)

This week my buddy chavda and I have been working on our Collaborative comprehension. Our topic
is Battle of the Somme. During the process of doing this we learnt many things like Who won the battle of the Somme and why? It was fun and If their is a next time then I think I would keep on reading the text to get a more accurate answer. I think this activity was fun and also a good way to learn.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Theft of Medals

This week for reading we have been focusing on an article about waiuru. We also researched definitions that helped us get a better understanding on what little words like survivor and theft mean.

5-7-10 Twinkle, Twinkle Little flame

Twinkle little flame
Its dark for days.  White orbs of snow falls into the earth of fate.
The cold shivering nights pass. Still the twins see nothing but flickering fire coming from their lamp.
Their cold ears pass out and they hear nothing but people screaming about.
As they sat in the front of their apartment windy and cold they see a beautiful sunshine heading
towards them.  She wore a white coat and had insanely long blonde hair. As she walked down
Anthony (One of the twins) Fainted. Soon the twins had no longer cared if the sun would com
#e out instead they wanted to become friends with their dream girl they call their Twinkle flame.

This week for writing we had the chance to choose out own 5-7-10 photo using pobble365. We then created our 5-7-10 writing.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Tech reflection

This week for tech we have been focusing on creating our 3D phone stands using tinker cab. Before we created our designs we started of by drawing them on a piece of paper we then used thinkeris.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Illustration Poem

Have you ever smelled winter?
Sure you have.
Remember that time when you were
At the beach and you sneezed because the wind blew and the sand
Got in your nose?
You felt itchy as the sand got in your togs.
Then you shaked it all of?
Remember how the warm sand smelled and the salty air?
That was summer.

Remember that time when you were trying to skate to the side and
you didn't know how?

This week for writing we created a poem. The poem we did, included parts of a different poem that was writin by Mrs Kirkpatrick.  We then illustrated it and checked it in with Mrs Kirkpatrick. I found this fun to do as we got to use our creativity to illustrate our poems.

Basic Fact boxes

This week we played a game made by Mr wong. In this game we given stratigys to use to solve our basic fact boxes faster. It was fun as we had the chance to learn more stratigys to answer the math problems. The main strategy that we focused on was Tidy numbers. Tidy numbers are numbers that end with a zero. It was fun learning he tidy number strategy because we picked up fast on it and it was easy to learn

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Shake Out

Shake out day is a day to remind us about earthquake drills and why we have them. In this presentation we mention the drill included and add a few facts about Shake out day. This activity was fun as we actually attempted to do the procedure drop, cover and hold.

Friday, 28 September 2018

3D Design

This week for tech we created a 3D Design using tinker cad. This site teaches us how to create 3D objects and also 3D characters. Using codes we were able to create our own Character using 3D objects. To
find out the site we created it on click the link below. First you get given lessons that teaches you how to put things together and turn them from plain to 3D. This game was fun and I would recommend to play this game.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Maths Fraction Working Out

This week for maths we have been focusing on different math problems. In this DLO Chavda, Mele and I have been creating examples and questions for Math fractions.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Bridge Testing

Last week on Wednesday Ms. Kirkpatrick's inquiry group completed our bridges that were made out of spaghetti. We tested our bridges using bricks. We hooked on a bag with one brick inside of it and added bricks until the bridge broke or till it was at the state of breaking. Our results were really good considering our truss bridge could only hold two bricks. If Nyjah, Kanye, Tai and I were to change something about our bridge it would be to add more triangles because of the amount of strength it has.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Problem Solving

This week for maths we completed a DLO based on Problem solving.
We put in an example and explanation on how to solve it. My buddies Marieta, Chavda and I felt that it was hard to solve. We then worked it out and used the strategy given from Ms Anderson.

Basic fact Boxes Subtraction

This week we completed the 20 basic fact box made by Mr Wong. This was made to challenge us and I think its a fun way to answer math questions. I found this easy to do as we had the chance to use one of the strategies given from Ms Anderson.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Michel mulipola

This week we had a Illustrator named Michel mulipola  come in from WWE. We had a conversation about Reading, Fortinite and also a bit of influence phrases. It was great as he had amazing art work and how he was self taught. Fun fact did you know that Michel mulipola wrestles? He plays for the WWE and he is also a gamer. During our conversation we got to view photos that he has drawn. We all learnt that you can achieve anything if you take risks and go for it. A big thank you to Michel mulipola  for sharing what he does and visiting our school.

Monday, 17 September 2018


Why Are Bridges Built?

A bridge is a structure built to cross rivers without closing the way underneath.
Bridges aren't just used for racing tracks and bungee jumping.
They are used for safe transport across rivers and lakes making this faster and easier.
Before the 18th century when bridges were not invented people took punts to cross rivers.
This was a serious risk. People would drown in the process of crossing
which made this a serious problem.

In the 18th century bridges were not invented and people were not aware
of the consequences of crossing rivers.
The fastest way to get from point A to point B was to swim across.
Punts and boats were the most common choices to cross, but even so this
caused accidents and death.
The punts and boats that were commonly used were not as safe as you would think.
This sometimes caused the boats or punt to sink or break down.
It was soon obvious that they needed to invent a structure easier for people to cross from
point a to b.

Ever since bridges were commonly used transportation was safer, faster and easier for
people to cross.
Also instead of risking lives people soon noticed that more bridges should be made.
People then started requesting for more bridges because of the benefits of it.
This meant no danger risks, death and drowning. More bridges such as the beam bridge,
arch bridge and truss bridge were soon to be made.

Bridges are usually put in a gap or a valley.
The reason to this is because its a better way of transport. For example a valley.
Without a bridge you’ll need to drive down and back up to get to the other side.
All bridges are put on top of a gap rather than the bottom.
This allows us to get through from point a to b, which was a lot more faster than driving or
walking up and down
a valley.

Bridges are built for the purpose of safety, for cars to cross and a faster transport
from point a to b.  
Bridges today have saved us from what we commonly call the New Zealand disease.

This week for writing I have been focusing on an Explanation confirming why bridges
are made. During this process I used my researching skills to put in the correct amount of

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Wero Vector Water Park

This week we went to Wero Vector Water Park. We did lots kayaking and swimming in the water. The gear we used was: swim shoes, Swim suit, Life jacket and a helmet. It was so fun as we went through procedures learning about types of ways you can tell if the river is safe or not. One way is to check the speed of the river using a stick. First you through the stick into the water and walk along it. If you run then that would mean the river is to fast. In the end we had the chance to jump in and go onto the ramps. We went down and under the mine waterfalls witch kept us under water for a few seconds. I really enjoyed it because we had alot of fun learning and swimming in the rough water that is a immitation of a river.

Fractions DLO

This week for maths I created a DLO on how to solve fractions. In this DLO I have explained the stratigey and have given examples.

KiwiCan / Perserverence

This week for Kiwi can our topic is  perseverance.  Perseverance is when you keep on trying to accomplish something or challenge yourself for what prepares you best. For example:
You dont want to walk to get to school but you still go anyway. Kiwi can was fun. We played invisible touch and connect. For invisible touch we put our self in 1 group each. We then started to try again and again to get a try. Even though the game was tough and one other teams were losing they still wanted to try again to win.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Basic facts Boxes

This week for maths we had been focusing on our Basic facts up to 100. We played a game made by Mr Wong that helped us think the correct answers. This was fun as it was easy to do and clear to understand. I learnt how to solve Basic fact addition using a Math Challenge DLO that Mr Wong shared to us.
A big thank you to Mr Wong for taking time out of his day to create this for us.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Auckland Philharmonic Ocherstra

This week PBS LS2 has been invited to watch an Ocherstar. There were such instruments like a bassoon, 
trombone and brass. This was so much fun as we had a clear veiw and as we had the chance to sit on the top row. This took place at the Auckland town hall. We learnt about many storys and thick background noises that match the dancing background. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Virtual reality study

This week we did virtual reality with Yvonne and her research team from Auckland University. This was a great opportunity as we learnt more about different structures of a bridge and as we got to have alot of pizza in the end. The test we took was like no other it was fun and easy to answer. I think that the funnest test that I have done was the magic window. We got given a tablet that had a VR game connected in. Next time I think it would be alot more fun as it was when we were doing the tests.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Sentences using colons

For writing we added in the missing colons in each sentence of the text.
What we did was put colons before lists or when there is a pause. For example "We knew who would win the game(Colon) the Eagles" Here is my illustration of one of the sentences used in the text. The sentence I am going to be using is "These are my favorite colors: purple, turquoise, pink and yellow."

Sensory Verbs

This week for writing we have been learning about sensory verbs. We have went onto a site to learn more about the sensory verbs. The word is sense. Which stands for the five senses. Taste, Smell, Sight, Touch and Feel.

Josefa & the Vu - Book reveiw

Image result for josefa and the vu

The reason to why I have chosen Josefa and Vu is because I love books that have an adventure in it that actually happens in the real world. The book has cultural backgrounds that explain the characters personality and how they act. I really enjoy listening and reading stories about sneaking out of home and just drama in genral. I would recommend this book to people who love to explore and go on journeys through reading.
My prediction to the story is that the stolen tabua gets found by Josefa and that the vu is his grandfather.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Kiwi can

This week for kiwi can our new theme is problem solving and our topic is resilience. In kiwi can we learnt how to do problem solving by playing fun games. We played a game called GKQ and Around the world. To play around the world we needed to get into groups of 1 to 4. What ever group the teacher called out had to go to the middle of the circle and dodge the ball.

Kiwi sport

This week for Kiwi sport we played a game similar to netball. The only different rule was to pass the ball to everyone before scoring a goal. Although we had little time we still had a chance to win. In the teams there were bibs and non bibs. The winning team was bibs as we shared the ball to every one and then scored a try.

Tech reflections

This week for tech we have been focusing on code finding and and completing a animated storys.
This is one of the weeks that we need to complete all our work as on September we have our big swap.
Tech was great also as most of us completed our work and got green on our task list on the callander used on Mrs Andersons digi tech site.

Sky tower trip!

Last week we went on a trip to the sky tower. We were sponserd by douglas bates. I want to give a big thanks to douglas because he payed for us to go there leaving us to not pay for our trip to go. It was so fun at the sky tower because we got to watch a video explaining facts about it and so much more. We then went to the observation room where we got to explore and find places around the nz that we can see. It was fun also because we saw people jumping off landing on a saftey pad. 

Explanation - Analogue time

Analogue Time

We can read from our phones, iPads, and most importantly a watch.
But most watches that are used use analogue time.
Do you know how to read analogue time?
First we need to learn the basics, lets start of with clock
hands that are used in analogue time.

The short hand, symbolises each hour.
Therefore the long hand tells minutes.
Did you know that the hour hand moves continuously overnight
and in the morning. You might find this odd but it’s true.
The second hand moves every seconds day and night.

The main numbers that are used on the face of the clock is
12, 3, 6 and 9. You can also see five little lines in the middle of
the gap for each number. Therefore you can use the 5 times
table to read analogue time. Under each big number is the 5
times table going up to 60.

Have you ever wondered why the numbers on the clock face are used?
So basically numerals are another word for numbers. On a clock we
have 4 main numbers that are always mentioned in analogue
12 ,3, 6, 9. This resembles past the hour & to the hour
On the right side of a clock represents past and the left to the hour
Now you should understand the process of how analogue time works.
Also you don't need any iPads, or phones to be used to read time.

Tunnel comparison

This week we compared two tunnels. For this activity we used a comparison venn diagram. Before comparing the two we watched a video explaining each tunnel. We then took that information and changed it to our own words. After that we researched more about the water veiw tunnel and the gothard tunnel. 

Purpose of tunnels

This week for inquiry we had been focusing on the purpose of tunnels. My buddy nyjah and I have chosen tunnels to explain the purpose of them. The purpose of tunnels are really easy to explain as me and nyjah used our researching skills to complete our work.

The Eye 5-7-10

This week for writing we did 5-7-10. In these 5mins we had been completing our characteristic 5-7-10. To do a 5-7-10 we have to use our 5 to 10 minuets to complete our work using awwuubis & Fan boys. We then get given a photo to describe in our 5-7-10. The photo we received was a photo of an eye.

The eye
Lush trees dance side to side. Its sunny although I may get jump frights.
A fresh breeze I cant explain its like a refreshing drink but only when it rains. As the sun settels to fall asleep it forms pink candy floss looking so unique. But then the clouds exchanged its mood to a furious grey puff covering the light from the moon. Its gloomy and dark out. I feel shivers up my spine. The feeling when you fall onto a porcupine. Its then clear and easy to see, that I am being watched very carefully. As I turn my head my eyes start to widen to a look of a big enormous lion. So as I scan to  go and check it out. Its pupils widened as if I was holding a mouse. The dark, hungry eye staring into my soul. I felt a connection although It felt so very small.

Problem solving Decimals

This week for maths we have learnt about decimal problem solving. Firstly Mrs Anderson taught us an easy strategy to how to solve decimal problems. We then got it checked and created a DLO showing our understanding to problem solving.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

How to solve algoriths addition question

This week we have been learning how to solve Algorithms. We learnt by using our Place Value HTO Strategy. My partner this week was Chavda. Chavda and I both started off with explaining how to solve a Algorithm Addition to solve our Maths Equations. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Who wants to be a millionaire

This week for maths we played a game called "Who wants to be a millionaire "
In this game I solved a lot of timetable. I only had 2 try so I had to make them count.
This game was alot of fun as I won lots of money.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Pro's & Con's ( Living a life in a light house )

This week we have been learning how to identify the positive/Bad on buying a light house. As a group we discovered that some lighthouses can be in the middle of the ocean and some not so far out on the shore. Here for our con's we found out that light houses have plenty of stairs and on each block is a room. Did you know that when you are in a light house you travel from helicopter back to land and also get sent lots of food as the signal is bad. One of the bad things about light houses is that if your sick medical services wont be able to get to you in time as the signal is bad from out in the ocean. Other then that I think living in a light house is fun as you read all our pro's. Our Con's explain the bad things that might happen like big storms.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Lighthouse Poster

This week we have been learning how to make a DLO and we also learnt about Light houses. Light houses can be for sale as there not in use of people. Buying a light house is similar to buying a house.
Here in my DLO I put in a sighn in big letters to hook in the reader. I also put in a bit of pop in the back for more attention. I learnt how to exchange Nz dollars to pounds. I also learnt about light house storys.

ASB Get wise Visit

This week Jayden from ASB Get wise visited our Class. We learnt how to spend money wisely and how to save our money for more things that we need rather then what we want. We started of by getting into teams from 1 to 5. The goal of the game is to not go over the budget. As he handed us fake money we started to plan what we are going to buy and what to not buy. I think the best thing that we decided as a group was to buy insurance just because we had 100 left over and because insurance payed of our hospital fees.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki performances

This week we have been practicing our Pacifica and Kapa-haka performances.  We went to the junior area to present and we also got sponsored sausage sizzles as a way to celebrate Matariki. In Our Pacifica  group we danced and did a really fast 360 as in a culture hula.