Thursday, 29 March 2018

Setting Description - Tunnel Forest

A bright light shone through my eyes. A flock of green trees are twisted like a circle. Purple,pastel,greenish lights break the color of the forest. As the sun went down the color of the sky changed. It almost looked like a perfect end to a family hike in the bush. I needed to find somewhere to sleep so I crumbled my way through the leaves in to a echoing dark tunnel. Water was dripping and so the echoing carried on.

This week my group and I created a setting description using a photo that was given by Our teacher. We then started to describe the setting. LI: to describe a setting.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Treaty Of Waitangi

Click here to play
This week for Reading Shakiah, Nyjah ,Hajeera & I  created a Kahoot about the treaty of waitangi . Firstly we gathered questions from reading chapters of Treaty book. We then put down answers to our questions and submitted our Kahoot. To Play our Kahoot click on the link below! The code is 7481653. Our quiz includes main questions and more.

Professor Stephen Hawking

This week for Inquiry we did some research about Professor Stephen Hawking recent death. In our presentations it has Who Professor Stephen is and how he is famous. To know more great factual points about Professor Stephen Hawking read our Presentation. LI: to gather information about Professor Stephen Hawking.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Character description - Melisa and the books

Image result for The greatest library 2 
Melissa glared at the reflection of books in the mirror in front of her. She loved listening to stories and reading books. There was a big crowd Melissa, in the corner of the library and she was curious about what was happening. She shoved through the groups of people to look at the new books this library had displayed. She was so relieved to find her library card in her pocket. As Melissa made her way through the library she managed to stop by her favorite author's new book collection. Ever since then Melissa visited the library more often.

LI: Look at different sentences types used. This week for writing we did a Character description using Compound, Complex and Simple sentences. We also looked at other author Character description.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Character description- Calvin & the chairs

Calvin’s eyes opened up with sudden awareness.  His head turned and his mind was blown, when he saw 2 chairs that weren’t there before. He stood there staring at the chairs with a confused look on his face. Right before his eyes, 10 chairs came flying towards his head.  They were, skinny chairs, cube chairs and big fat couches! When the chairs came flying and bumped Calvin, he was left with cuts and bruises.

LI: Look at different sentences types used. This week for writing I we did a Character description using Compound, Complex and Simple sentences. We also looked at other author Character description.

Friday, 2 March 2018


  This week I commented on Avalons work. I commented about her agents of change blog post. I also added a rhetorical  question.


This week for tech Year 7's cut out their silhouette shapes and traced them. We then moved on to cutting them out using a machine. In our next session we are going to be pouring out metal into our traces and then creating a necklace with our metal traces.

Agents of Change

This week We looked at how we could be agents of change in our own 2018 learning journey
 This year my goal is to pick a more sensible place to sit so then I  could finish my work without getting distracted. Not being distracted is what I am going to achieve for 2018.