Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Jett ski addition

Jett ski addition is a math game that test you on your addition. The quicker you answer the more you began to win. In this game you loose by answering your q's slowly and come last in the race. Out of a scale 1 - 10 I would recommend this game 10 out of 10 .

Table conga

This week I played tables conga. Tables conga is when you can pick a number of multiplication. You survive by getting all of it right without getting caught by a virus . A virus is a black ( X ) that makes you restart your game! 


      This week I commented on Fau blog . Her comment uses a complement about charlize work and it also uses a positive ending & a great greeting to the start.

Dream job

I would be a doctor to provide people with the help and care they need . In every one's life they need a doctor that can do check ups and more to keep their heart beating . I grew up my life seeing doctors when ever I got fevers or infections. If I were to have a second option it would be to be a singer as it will turn my job into a hobbie!

( This week for summer learning journey I had to talk about my dream job. My dream job is to be a doctor or a singer. My top pick is to be a doctor no matter how hard it takes. Being a doctor is hard but thats why I need to make the best of it at school )


Today I compared my home to a wharepuni . I used a venn diagram to compare Home & the Wharepuni . I learnt how to compare & contrast using Venn diagram . LI : to compare your own home to a wharepuni.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Waka ama

In my opinion I think that waka ama is hard because you need to use lots of strength & muscle. I think that I will rather not play in waka ama because I would have to leave basketball and everything I learnt from it . 

( This week for SLJ I watched a video about Waka ama. I was asked whether I would want / Not want to join waka ama and why)

Setting sail

Fresh breeze is plural no one can explain the feeling . Sparkling sand hits my feet as I find seashells beneath the reef. Oh how I miss my good old home its like leaving your pet waiting unattended alone .. Hard as it gets im leaving my home on a waka that I own. Floating above the sea on my waka full of glee . Finding my island is all that I need for me. Thinking of the food this island provides for me . Birds leading to the island that is waiting for me ! To be honest I feel happy because I get to explore more than I should in life !

Maui & the giant fish

3 Facts - Maui

1 . Maui has 2 brothers

2 . Maui firstly made an incredible catch to a great big fish

3. Maui is the youngest out of his siblings

This week I read a Maori legend based on Maui & the giant fish . I learnt how to find 3 facts by reading Maui & the giant fish carefully. I then put down 3 facts that I found in the book,I read . Have you read a different legend about Maui & the giant fish before? Let me know in the comments below. I have seen and heard more than one Maui & the giant fish because there are lots of books that are different because its just a legend. Legend meaning a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but not authenticated. Most people see Maui & the giant fish differently because they have read a different story . The legend that I read is that Maui used his blood from his nose to get the giant fishes attention. When he caught the fish he told his brothers to not kill the fish while he leaves.  LI: to use my researching skills to find 3 facts using the topic maui & the giant fish.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas . Dreams passing by . Candy & Chocolate was soon to pass by . Cookies and Milk filled the house with a sweet aroma. Waiting for the time Santa will come over. Sugar plums flying,leading me to the sky as I hear footsteps stomping by. “ Harold,Mike,Tyson,Spike & Rudolf!! “ Shouted a voice. I assumed it was Santa Claus. Walking outside my mouth dropped. Running to the door finding out it was locked. Coincidence it was. I told myself. Spike came down and took me to the roof. I then jumped in to a big bag of Cole. Peeping out the bag I seem to see a plump fat man who thought everything was yummy. Eating cookies and milk he was soon to be jolly. Eyes twinkled leading on with his cheeks that is red as an apple sweet as a cake. Lollie bags were filled to the top .  I jumped out and giggled as Santa clause jiggled. He didn't say a word when he left. The only word I seem to have heard is “ Merry Christmas to you and to all “ LI: to rewrite the Christmas poem using ryhms. This week I rewritten the Christmas Poem. I also learnt how to rewrite the Christmas poem using ryhms.

Thursday, 7 December 2017


This week for writing Florence,Viliami and I learnt how to understand how to deliver a speech. LI: to understand how to deliver a speech. We put down some illustrations and also our writing plan we did. We firstly planed our narrative together then started to write about our narrative using on a planet far away , One Day , The next day and last of all finally.

Table Master

Today for Table Master I did my 2's. This helps me a lot because some people might ask me questions about my 2s and I would just give the answer because it is very easy. I wanted to do my 5's but I just wanted to do my 2's because it is more faster and because I needed to finished of my work and also do more speed in my 2's.


This week for my maths cando I did Prototec. Prototec is a type of game that test your stage level. Here is a Certificate of how much I got out of 100 answers correct. I got 100 out of 100!


This week for commenting  I commented on Florence blog post as she explained about her learning and how she learnt. 

Keyboarding drills

Keyboarding Drills Level 1

Copy each row of letters on the row below. Use the correct fingers.

asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’
Asdf gh jkl;’ adf gh jkl; asdf gh jkl;’
fa fs fd ff fg j’ j; jl jk jj jh da ds dd df dg k’ k; kl kk kj kh
Fa fs fd ff fg j’j; jl jk jj jh da ds dd df dg k’ k; kl kk kj kh
sa ss sd sf sg l’ l; ll lk lj lh aa as ad af ag j’ j; jl jk jj jh
Sa ss sd sf sg l’ l; ll lk lj lh aa as ad af ag j’ j; jl jk jj jh
ask dad slash glad fall sasha lash salsa shall jag haha lag
flask dahl gaga salads ashfall laksa khaf gall lall shad flags
ask  dad slash glad fall sasha lash salsa shall jag haha lag flask dahl gaga salads ashfall laksa khaf ga;; lall shad flags
Ask Dad Slash Glad Fall Sasha Lash Salsa Shall Jag Haha Lag
Flask Dahl Hall Salads Ashfall Laksa Khaf Gall Jaffa Flags
Ask Dad Slash Glad Fall  Sasha Lash Salsa Shall Jag Haha Lag Flask Dahl Hall Salads Ashfall Laksa Khaf Gall Jaffa Flags

Kiwi Can

This week for kiwi can we played 4 games. The first game involved a ball and we had to through the ball at each others tower until it falls down. The rules where to not run with the ball. The second game we played is a game full of tagers in the sqaure. My team mainly was to tag as we kept making wins. It was a fun game and fun day as we learnt Respect and empathy.

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Sport

Kiwi Sport 

Today for Kiwi Sport we Played a warm up game. Our warm up game is called stuck in the mud. We then learnt a new strategy for our B.H.G ( Back hand grip ) .  We then got into a pair and played rally's. My partner and I vs against Mr Oglelvie and Aung naing. We stayed in for 4 rounds because we won most of the time. It was fun as we first started of 1 b 1 . Our coach for Kiwi sport is still Kevin as this is our second to last day learning badminton with Kevin.

Thats My money

LI: to manage profits and finances. This week for maths I learnt how to manage profits and finances. I learnt by using a spread sheet that gives me money for each math activity option it has . Each day for maths we had to subtract our payment because we had to pay rent on using either a table,floor or benches to work on. We all started from 50 $ each. The activity that most of us did was Protec or  Daily basic facts. Here are screen shots from my activity's I did to earn more money using my spread sheet that counts up my money for each math activity option it has. For the daily basic facts we had to put down some math equations for the other groups to solve. We first had to do a Daily basic facts sheet with answers so then we know we have the right problems thats easy for the other groups. As We finished each task we got given more money. For our Protoec we had to answer division,Multiplication,Subtraction and last of all addition. We then clicked onto the certificate to see how much answers we got correct out of 100.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Statistical News

 This week my group (Giovanni,Nyjah,Viliami,Mojtaba and Aung Naing) made a whole group report about the daily news withing this week. We then joined all our work together to make one BIG news report. Our daily news name is called Statistical news. Each person had a subject to do, Fui / Inter National news, Aung Naing and Mojtaba / Sports report, Viliami / Business, Giovanni / Entertainment and last of I did National. After researching hard about all our subjects we then grouped it together on a google slide. The google slides contain the report on the black caps vs West indies , Hawi robert the man who is famous for stealing in most country's ,  Phone emergency alert, business around the world and The aquarium challenge. A big thanks to Giovanni,Aung Naing,Fui and Viliami for putting together our news report!

3 Roles

 Today I chose 3 Roles that are related to our local community. My choices are Library,Army and last of all S & R  AKA ( Search and Rescue) I had to find facts about my chosen roles. I found and learnt 3 facts about each choice of role. I then did  Question and answer slides on slide number  5 , 6 and 7. In this presentation it talks about some facts that relate to Army , Libraries and S & R. My favorite choice would have to be Army because I learnt new word definitions and I learnt something new like the meaning of  MOS. ( Subject - Inquiry )

Friday, 1 December 2017

Summer learning Journey

This week for summer learning journey My sister fau and I created a presentation about the treaty of waitangi. We learnt that the treaty of waitangi was first signed back then when it was 1840. We learnt by researching key words and questions. We also went to the library and  read 5 books about the treaty of waitangi just to get a better understanding. A big thanks to our mother for helping us with the searching and paragraph writing. This task took us some time but we manage to blog it on our blog. We checked over 10 sites for more easier understanding info. It took us two whole days as we did lots of research. Fau and I are looking forward to doing more research a day and blogging in the summer. What I realy liked about this task was going to the library and reading some books. The books where hard to understand so we used the dictionary for some help with most of the words we couldn't understand. This event taught me lots of new things about the treaty of waitangi. In our presentation it talks about things that most people question our presentation also presents some ways to use your researching skills. Researching skills are put their just so if you don't know how to research you can research using our way of it. LI: To learn how to use you researching skills by gathering Nz History information.

Kiwi Can

This week our topic was respect. " Respect others for them to respect you " is what most of us where told most of the time in kiwi can. We also learnt a greeting  that is from the culture Filipino. It was fun learning about respect as we got use to it. Mrs Latoya was solo for the day so it must of been hard. Speaking of hard we also got taught empathy witch means stepping into someone elses shoes. Meaning feeling what others feel. Any way at the end of the lesson we did QAR. QAR is when we get a question from Mrs Latoya then answering the question. 

Kiwi Can! 

Random Non Random

LI: to design and conduct a statistical survey. This week for maths we all had to compare Wheel decide to Coin flips and see witch one of them are more likely to be Random. We all did 200 coin flips and 200 wheel decides. We then added our data up using Pie charts. The top Pie chart is the coin flips added.The second pie chart is the wheel decide. This proves Wheel decide and Coin flips are both absolute certain to be Random. This proves our hypothesis was wrong because the pie charts are both the same.