Thursday, 17 May 2018

Speech marks ( Using Fake text )

This week for writing we practiced how to use our Speech marks correctly. To use speech marks correctly you need to always only include the words the person/character is saying. Example: "Look out!" Screamed Luke. Example of bad Speech marks: " Look out screamed Luke" ! Here is my own examples of Speech marks.


  1. Greetings Fui,
    I really love how your punctuation in your text Writing is very clear. Why did you choose those names? I think you should have added the link to the site for people to go on the site.

    KEEP IT UP!!!

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  3. Talofa Fui,
    Iḿ Fascinated by your work you have done.This looks amazing this tells the reader that your learning how to use punctuation in Narratives and Recounts.Speech marks are really good for explanation they tell other people whats happening.Nice work fui keep up the effort!!.