Thursday, 30 November 2017

Kiwi Sport

This week for Kiwi sport we learnt a new strategy. To use this strategy we needed to drop the shuttle cock then hit using the racket.  My buddy and I then did some rallies with each other. Soon on that day Kevin let all of us verse each other.. But this time it was 1 on 1 ! Each court I went to I became king but then I started to fall as my serves went a bit wrong. The fun part I like about kiwi sport is beating every one in a match of rallies!

Decide my flip

     LI: to design a conduct survey. This week for maths my partner and I compared Wheel decide to coin flip to figure out witch one was more random because we think wheel decide isn't random. We both did  200 coin flips and Wheel decide using only 2 days. We both learnt that Coin flips are more random than Wheel decide! I also learnt how to  design a conduct survey with a buddy. We put down some number 1's on either side we get. For example heads and tails. We used wheel decide and we put in Heads and Tails into the catigorys. We then span it and got more tails then heads. The next part was coin flip. We used a fake coin to see how many heads and tails we get from it.

Inter nastional

 LI: To use a range of comprehension stratigys to go deeper into a text. This week for reading we had to use a site called Nz Harold. In this Newz paper I learnt about rugby leuge and I finally figured out that Andrew fifita scored a try for MMT although the ref cheated and declined the try.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Government Service

 This week for inquiry My partner and I worked on a type of Government service. We got a load of choices to pick. I choose Mayor and My partner chavda chose Councils. We used our keywords to find our book full of information. We both used our keyword government and then we found Mayors in one book following on with mayors was Councils.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can we just had Mrs Latuila. Before we went inside the room we had to get into numbers 1-4. I was number 3, when everyone was inside the class we started to talk about what happen last week. We were also talking about respecting and communicate with other people. After woods we started to get into our game which was called Stinky Socks. This was very fun because there were hula hoops around the class. How to play? We had to work around the class and wait for the caller to call the number. We had to use our feet only. Whoever left the hula hoop to make that other group's and the caller comes then they are out. THERE ARE NO CHEATING IN THIS GAME.  Later on we done G.K.Q!

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Sport we had another warm up. This was very fun because we did this game before. This game is called Continue game. How to play? You have to keep on running. If someone tags you have to sit down. If that person that taged got tag then you get to keep on playing. You also have to tag someone too. After the warm up game we got to start playing on the nets. This was very fun because I got to partner up with Nyjah and me and her did great. We also had to use our forehand for this instead of our backhand which I was really help about because I am really good with my forehand. Before we went into the last game we had to drop the ball and hit the ball. The last game we played we had to use our partner to vs other people. Me and Nyjah did great at this because we had this type of friendship that no one could stop us so that was really cool.

Commenting/Chavda's Blog

Today for commenting I comment on Chavda's Blog. I have learnt a lot from Chavda because her writing on her blog has heaps of things in it. Her blog would be at the top so that you can see the link to her blog.

Key boarding drills

Keyboarding Drills Level 1

Copy each row of letters on the row below. Use the correct fingers.

asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’
asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’
fa fs fd ff fg j’ j; jl jk jj jh da ds dd df dg k’ k; kl kk kj kh
fa fs fd ff fg j’ j; jl jk jj jh da ds dd df dg k’ k; kl kk kj kh
sa ss sd sf sg l’ l; ll lk lj lh aa as ad af ag j’ j; jl jk jj jh
sa ss sd sf sg l’ l; ll lk lj lh aa as ad af ag j’ j; jl jk jj jh
ask dad slash glad fall sasha lash salsa shall jag haha lag
flask dahl gaga salads ashfall laksa khaf gall lall shad flags
ask dad slash glad fall sasha lash salsa shall jag haha lag
flask dahl gaga salads ashfall laksa khaf gall lall shad flags
Ask Dad Slash Glad Fall Sasha Lash Salsa Shall Jag Haha Lag
Flask Dahl Hall Salads Ashfall Laksa Khaf Gall Jaffa Flags
Ask Dad Slash Glad Fall Sasha Lash Salsa Shall Jag Haha Lag
Flask Dahl Hall Salads Ashfall Laksa Khaf Gall Jaffa Flags

This Week for one of my Daily 6’s I Learnt all of my Keyboarding drills. To play keyboarding drills you have to repeat the letters above. A rule is that You can not copy and Paste the words.

Table Master

Today for Table Master I did my 2's. This helps me a lot because some people might ask me questions about my 2s and I would just give the answer because it is very easy. I wanted to do my 5's but I just wanted to do my 2's because it is more faster and because I needed to finished of my work and also do more speed in my 2's.

Free Rice

Free rice is a donation game to charity. Each answer you get right donates rice to charity. If you get one answer wrong your rice goes away and you'll have to restart! For this game you don't have to rush you could take your time. The fun part that I like about Free rice is learning more things and knowing that I am winning rice for charity. Here is a screenshot of the game "Free Rice" It is a fun and cool game to play.

Active prior knowledge Model book

 LI: to use a range of stratigys to go deeper in the text. This week I learnt how to use a range of stratigys to go deeper in the text. I learnt by creating a model book of what I think I am confident with. I then recorded myself using Kwl as how to activate prior knowledge. I also had a text  that I picked out to use for my active prior knowledge. Active prior knowledge is when you think about the small things in the text and make it more interesting or like asking yourself what you               know,learnt and what the text is about.                                                                                                                                        

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Survey test - Probability chances

 LI: to compare and contrast a probability test with a statistical survey. This week for maths I learnt how to  compare and contrast a probability test with a statistical survey. I learnt by creating a number from 1 - 10 and asking 49 students in Ls1 their favorite number from 1 - 10. As I asked and collected my data I saw that most people picked 7 from 1 - 10.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fire Station

LI: to learn more about what Fire Fighters know. This week Ls1 walked to the  Fire Station to meet the Fire fighter crew. They showed us all of there interesting objects they use to stop fire from spreading. We then got a chance to hold the hoes that the fire fighters use to stop fire from spreading. A phrase is " Get down low get out!" I learnt that whenever you have fire in your house you scream " Fire fire fire"  to warn those in the house to GET OUT! Also if a pet or favorite toy is still in the house don't go in to get it because that is the fire fighters job.. Fire fighters don't only stop fires they also help when people get into a crash and when people are injured. Fire fighters work from 6:30 - 10 a clock midnight. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Food Services


LI: To look at more than one information source when researching.
LI: To record facts in your own words

Food Services  only get provided  blue plasters as an accident may happen. Meaning the customer might eat  the plaster but since they use blue plasters it will be easily spotted.
Food Service is about making and giving people food. Also serving anywhere anytime. Most services provide food pretty quick most don’t… What would You perfer?
Key Questions
Key Words
Food Service,Deliver,Make,Give.

How do these people help our community?
They help us buy giving us food

Teacher suggested Links
In  Asia Countries, like China,people enjoy stir-fried rice and noodle dishes.
Why would we contact these people?
If we need food.

Questions I would ask: Which is your favorite thing in the job. service…..

Attributed Image:

Information Source
Image result for food service LI: to look at more than one thing while researching. This week I finished of reasearching about food services. I learnt how to reasearch using more than 1 thing y

Probability problems/Scenario planning

Probability Problems

Work it out
There are 4 differently coloured marbles. You randomly pick a marble. What is the probability of getting the green marble?
I have 4 colors and 1 goal to get a green marble. So it will be ¼ because I have
1 green marble and altogether there are four marbles.

Convert ⅙ into percentage probability.
Divide 100 into 6.
100 divided by 6 =  60.67
Convert ⅝ into percentage probability.
⅝ =  55 %

100 divided by 8 was 11% and then I multiplied it by 5 and got 55.
55 %
Convert 12/18 into percentage probability
12/18 = 65.57
100 divided by 12 = 66.67
12 divided by 18 =  55.55
65.57 %
There are seven different coloured cards in a bag. You pick one without looking. What is the probability of picking the blue card? Give the answer in both number of chances and percentage.
Because their is only one blue card in a bag which meant a lower chance of getting a blue card.

Convert 4/5 chances into percentage probability.
100 divided by 5 equals 20% then multiplied 20% by 4 which will equal 80%
80 %
You and four friends all jump into a pool. What is the percentage chance of you all getting wet?
Absolute chance because they jumped into the water and water makes you  wet.
There are 100 tickets but only one is golden. You buy five tickets, but your friend buys thirteen tickets and your brother buys eighteen tickets. Who is most likely to get the golden ticket? Why?
Thirteen tickets ( Likely )

18 Tickets ( Absolute certain )

5 Tickets ( Not a Chance )
Absolute certain for the brother to get a golden ticket.
Convert 75% probability into number of chances.
Probability of chances is 1 out of 75 because you have a “number” of chances!
You order a supreme pizza and take three out of eight slices. What is the probability of getting a slice with pineapple?
⅜  because you have eight slices of pizza and only pulled out 3.
 This week for maths I did some Probability problems. I learnt by working the strategy with my group and Mr Wong. All of us where confident so we decided we should do some more Probability problems. It was pretty easy although it was rough. On this presentation we put our self into buddy's. I worked with Nyjah and Chavda. We done a great job i don't know about the drawing but we did a great Job with our learning skills. This week for maths I created a type of math game. I was the recorder of this game witch I think was the best part watching my friends act! Math video

Police Visit

This week PBS Visited Constable Cyrus. It was fun as he bought along a Police dog and Helicopter. We all learnt  types of parts of an helicopter and got to see up close. It was fun observing what the helicopter looked like. After we learnt fun facts about the helicopter we got a chance to see a puppy that was a great trained police dog. Leading on from that we heard to other dogs in the police car. The 2 police dogs looked like adults as we walked pass. It was fun learning how the Police trained their dogs and taught them! A BIG thank you  to Constable Saris. 

Nelson Mandela

 This Week for writing I  created a presentation about Nelson Mandela. I got given a video to find the information about Nelson.
I learnt lots of things from Nelson Mandela speech. I learnt that You have to have confidence and Memories your speech. Nelson Mandela's speech is about Sports and the world his speech also changed the world for the better! LI: understand how to deliver a speech

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Active prior knowledge

 LI: to use a  range of comprehension stratigys. This week for reading Mr Ogelvies reading groups had a chance to pick what they think they are realy good at. I picked Active Prior Knowledge because I felt like it was the one I mostly enjoy doing and also because I understand it well. Anyway in this presentation it shows some ways you can use Active Prior Knowledge.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Wheel decide

  This week for maths I created over 4 choices of things using Wheel Decide. I learnt by putting down a list of things onto  Wheel decide so that I could get a probability using the number of chances. Today's learning intention is to
learn about probability using the number of chances.

Friday, 3 November 2017


          LI: to simplify fractions. This week for maths I did some Problem LDC and HDC working out. I                   learnt by going through  some examples with Mr Wong. I also learnt the meaning of HDC and LDC. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Emergency Service

 LI: to find information about different information. Today my buddy and I found information about Fire fighters and Police. We both put 
learnt by reading facts that where stuck on the wall by the teachers. Then we had to find the logo of what we are learning about and a site with information.

QAR template

     LI: to use a range of comprehension stratigys.
     This week for reading Mele and Melefau gave me their QAR mixed template. What I had to do is put            their questions into the right box. I got 3 questions right and the rest incorrect. So basically I have 3 out of       ten! What I learnt using this template is where Right their,Think & Search,Author and You and Last of           all On my own. Anyways our task was to create a mixed QAR template for another pair to work out             where the questions go. I created a QAR mixed template for Mele and Melefau witch was cool watching        them try to work it out. They got 4 out of ten meaning they got for questions right and the rest wrong.