Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Survey test - Probability chances

 LI: to compare and contrast a probability test with a statistical survey. This week for maths I learnt how to  compare and contrast a probability test with a statistical survey. I learnt by creating a number from 1 - 10 and asking 49 students in Ls1 their favorite number from 1 - 10. As I asked and collected my data I saw that most people picked 7 from 1 - 10.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fire Station

LI: to learn more about what Fire Fighters know. This week Ls1 walked to the  Fire Station to meet the Fire fighter crew. They showed us all of there interesting objects they use to stop fire from spreading. We then got a chance to hold the hoes that the fire fighters use to stop fire from spreading. A phrase is " Get down low get out!" I learnt that whenever you have fire in your house you scream " Fire fire fire"  to warn those in the house to GET OUT! Also if a pet or favorite toy is still in the house don't go in to get it because that is the fire fighters job.. Fire fighters don't only stop fires they also help when people get into a crash and when people are injured. Fire fighters work from 6:30 - 10 a clock midnight. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Food Services


LI: To look at more than one information source when researching.
LI: To record facts in your own words

Food Services  only get provided  blue plasters as an accident may happen. Meaning the customer might eat  the plaster but since they use blue plasters it will be easily spotted.
Food Service is about making and giving people food. Also serving anywhere anytime. Most services provide food pretty quick most don’t… What would You perfer?
Key Questions
Key Words
Food Service,Deliver,Make,Give.

How do these people help our community?
They help us buy giving us food

Teacher suggested Links
In  Asia Countries, like China,people enjoy stir-fried rice and noodle dishes.
Why would we contact these people?
If we need food.

Questions I would ask: Which is your favorite thing in the job. service…..

Attributed Image:

Information Source
Image result for food service LI: to look at more than one thing while researching. This week I finished of reasearching about food services. I learnt how to reasearch using more than 1 thing y

Probability problems/Scenario planning

Probability Problems

Work it out
There are 4 differently coloured marbles. You randomly pick a marble. What is the probability of getting the green marble?
I have 4 colors and 1 goal to get a green marble. So it will be ¼ because I have
1 green marble and altogether there are four marbles.

Convert ⅙ into percentage probability.
Divide 100 into 6.
100 divided by 6 =  60.67
Convert ⅝ into percentage probability.
⅝ =  55 %

100 divided by 8 was 11% and then I multiplied it by 5 and got 55.
55 %
Convert 12/18 into percentage probability
12/18 = 65.57
100 divided by 12 = 66.67
12 divided by 18 =  55.55
65.57 %
There are seven different coloured cards in a bag. You pick one without looking. What is the probability of picking the blue card? Give the answer in both number of chances and percentage.
Because their is only one blue card in a bag which meant a lower chance of getting a blue card.

Convert 4/5 chances into percentage probability.
100 divided by 5 equals 20% then multiplied 20% by 4 which will equal 80%
80 %
You and four friends all jump into a pool. What is the percentage chance of you all getting wet?
Absolute chance because they jumped into the water and water makes you  wet.
There are 100 tickets but only one is golden. You buy five tickets, but your friend buys thirteen tickets and your brother buys eighteen tickets. Who is most likely to get the golden ticket? Why?
Thirteen tickets ( Likely )

18 Tickets ( Absolute certain )

5 Tickets ( Not a Chance )
Absolute certain for the brother to get a golden ticket.
Convert 75% probability into number of chances.
Probability of chances is 1 out of 75 because you have a “number” of chances!
You order a supreme pizza and take three out of eight slices. What is the probability of getting a slice with pineapple?
⅜  because you have eight slices of pizza and only pulled out 3.
 This week for maths I did some Probability problems. I learnt by working the strategy with my group and Mr Wong. All of us where confident so we decided we should do some more Probability problems. It was pretty easy although it was rough. On this presentation we put our self into buddy's. I worked with Nyjah and Chavda. We done a great job i don't know about the drawing but we did a great Job with our learning skills. This week for maths I created a type of math game. I was the recorder of this game witch I think was the best part watching my friends act! Math video

Police Visit

This week PBS Visited Constable Cyrus. It was fun as he bought along a Police dog and Helicopter. We all learnt  types of parts of an helicopter and got to see up close. It was fun observing what the helicopter looked like. After we learnt fun facts about the helicopter we got a chance to see a puppy that was a great trained police dog. Leading on from that we heard to other dogs in the police car. The 2 police dogs looked like adults as we walked pass. It was fun learning how the Police trained their dogs and taught them! A BIG thank you  to Constable Saris. 

Nelson Mandela

 This Week for writing I  created a presentation about Nelson Mandela. I got given a video to find the information about Nelson.
I learnt lots of things from Nelson Mandela speech. I learnt that You have to have confidence and Memories your speech. Nelson Mandela's speech is about Sports and the world his speech also changed the world for the better! LI: understand how to deliver a speech

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Active prior knowledge

 LI: to use a  range of comprehension stratigys. This week for reading Mr Ogelvies reading groups had a chance to pick what they think they are realy good at. I picked Active Prior Knowledge because I felt like it was the one I mostly enjoy doing and also because I understand it well. Anyway in this presentation it shows some ways you can use Active Prior Knowledge.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Wheel decide

  This week for maths I created over 4 choices of things using Wheel Decide. I learnt by putting down a list of things onto  Wheel decide so that I could get a probability using the number of chances. Today's learning intention is to
learn about probability using the number of chances.

Friday, 3 November 2017


          LI: to simplify fractions. This week for maths I did some Problem LDC and HDC working out. I                   learnt by going through  some examples with Mr Wong. I also learnt the meaning of HDC and LDC. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Emergency Service

 LI: to find information about different information. Today my buddy and I found information about Fire fighters and Police. We both put 
learnt by reading facts that where stuck on the wall by the teachers. Then we had to find the logo of what we are learning about and a site with information.

QAR template

     LI: to use a range of comprehension stratigys.
     This week for reading Mele and Melefau gave me their QAR mixed template. What I had to do is put            their questions into the right box. I got 3 questions right and the rest incorrect. So basically I have 3 out of       ten! What I learnt using this template is where Right their,Think & Search,Author and You and Last of           all On my own. Anyways our task was to create a mixed QAR template for another pair to work out             where the questions go. I created a QAR mixed template for Mele and Melefau witch was cool watching        them try to work it out. They got 4 out of ten meaning they got for questions right and the rest wrong.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Free Rice

Today I played a game named free rice. Free rice is a game that donates rice if you get the answer right to their question. If you get a question wrong it makes you restart with your points of rice you got.

Story cubes/Legend of the beast

​This week I have made up a story with the story cubes can do. My story goes like this. In 1894 on planet earth a alien was struck from the sky and had magic powers. The creature took form of a little boy but had the shadow of his normal self. This creature found a mysterious house and pecked through the key hole. Inside was empty but a strange card that was named after his grandmother. Now its up to you to finish off the story! 


This week for  Commenting I commented on a blog post. I have positive words in this post. I enjoy reading blog post as I learn what they learn.


Maori Task

This week for Maori my buddies and I found places around the world by using google maps. Our task from fairori was to find the name of the places around the world in Maori. It was fun learning different places around the world. I learnt The Maori way to say Auckland by finding info using google. After we where done we had to fill out a sheet with a map and text boxes to write in our answers of Nz names translated to Maori.

Edited Recount

Kiwi Sport Badminton sessions

Thursday morning Ls1 group (a) went to Badminton. As they arrived to the hall for their first session,They met A man named Kevin. Kevin introduced himself as group (a) Sat back and listened. Group (a) saw a set of rackets and Shuttlecocks waiting on the stage.

After Kevin introduced himself he taught group (a) the basic hand structures. The two names were forward hand and back hand. Then he gave an example of what they look like. All of group (a) were quite familiar with the hand structures although it was very hard to learn them.

Soon it was time for group (b) to meet Kevin. Kevin then greeted group (b) as they entered the hall. Everyone picked out a racket and shuttlecock as Kevin started to teach group (b) the same hand structure that was taught to group (a). Kevin was then done teaching the hand structure.

After he was done teaching and giving examples of how to use a racket and shuttlecock he then gave them challenges. The first challenge was to hit a shuttlecock ten times without making it fall.
Some students from group (b) hit the shuttlecock over ten times.
The Next Challenge was to hit the shuttlecock behind our backs. As the challenges went on it got harder and harder although they only had two challenges so far.

It was past two challenges and so the next challenge was to hit the shuttlecock by putting the racket  through our legs. It was fun but at the same time we all got sweaty and tired.  

After the last challenge we had to play against each other. Everyone had to hit the shuttlecock as many times until they are the last one standing. So whoever drops the shuttlecock they had to sit down. The two last people standing was Mele and Julian. As we played one more time the last people standing where Julian and Jonathan. The two had to verse. As they versed Jonathan dropped the shuttlecock as Julian won!

The winner of the day was Julian because in all the rounds he has been winning. It was moving onto 12:30 which meant group (b) had to go for launch. As they thanked Kevin they all lined up to go back to class.  I think that we group (b) had fun learning Badminton because we all listened as a group! Everyone enjoyed time learning Badminton.

LI: to revise a recount 
Today for writing I practiced writing a recount  in 40 minuets. I practiced using what I need to fix. I had fun writing this recount and I also feel much more confident for when our test comes.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Kiwi Sport

This week for Kiwi Sport we learnt 3 or 4 basic badminton moves. The first one was forward hand and back hand. The easiest one was Forward hand because most of us weren't use to back hand. Before we got challenged by Kevin we played stuck in the mud! It was a fun and slightly different version although everyone enjoyed. As we already did the first basic move we moved on to the second move. The second move was ten times harder than the third move because what we had to do was hit the shuttlecock ten times behind our back. The third move was put the racket under then out your legs while hitting the shuttlecock. At the end of our lesson we all challenged each other to who hits the shuttlecock longest. Meaning whoever drops their shuttlecock has to sit down while the rest of the players play on. We played this game 2 times as a boy named Julian won all 2 times. The third play of was against Jonathan and Julian... The winner was Julian again! We all had fun even if it was very hard!

Key boarding drills

Today I learnt level 1 of my Keyboarding drills. I learnt by coping the letters above.
Here is a photo of what I did. LI: to learn your keyboarding drills.

Keyboarding Drills Level 1

Copy each row of letters on the row below. Use the correct fingers.

asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’
asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’
fa fs fd ff fg j’ j; jl jk jj jh da ds dd df dg k’ k; kl kk kj kh
fa fs fd ff fg j’ j; jl jk jj jh da ds dd df dg k’ k; kl kk kj kh
sa ss sd sf sg l’ l; ll lk lj lh aa as ad af ag j’ j; jl jk jj jh
sa ss sd sf sg l’ l; ll lk lj lh aa as ad af ag j’ j; jl jk jj jh
ask dad slash glad fall sasha lash salsa shall jag haha lag
flask dahl gaga salads ashfall laksa khaf gall lall shad flags
ask dad slash glad fall sasha lash salsa shall jag haha lag
flask dahl gaga salads ashfall laksa khaf gall lall shad flags
Ask Dad Slash Glad Fall Sasha Lash Salsa Shall Jag Haha Lag
Flask Dahl Hall Salads Ashfall Laksa Khaf Gall Jaffa Flags
Ask Dad Slash Glad Fall Sasha Lash Salsa Shall Jag Haha Lag
Flask Dahl Hall Salads Ashfall Laksa Khaf Gall Jaffa Flags

This Week for one of my Daily 6’s I Learnt all of my Keyboarding drills. To play keyboarding drills you have to repeat the letters above. A rule is that You can not copy and Paste the words.

Revised Recount

LI: to revise recount writing
This week for writing I edited my first recount about PBS 60th anniversary celebration. We had got given 40 minuets to complete our Recount. On my first Recount I only had two paragraphs but luckily I got some feedback from Mr Ogelvie witch helped me think about what I needed to do fix when it comes for our test.
I think that my edited writing was ten times better than my non edited work.

Production Recount

It was Term 3 and Pbs was getting ready for a big show. The show was based on dances. Each class got taught a dance from our dance teacher,Zoe. Most of the songs we danced to was hip hop. Especially my class. Our performance was typically a dance battle. The Songs were like a remix of what we had to dance to. It was very easy for our class because we have been giving some of our work time just to learn our dances. It was a really rough time trying to dance while getting our work done in time. It was very hard although maybe half of the class got their work done before friday.

Three people in our class including me equals four had pacifica straight after we finished our dance! Luckily our teachers found a way to do our dance and get ready in time for our Pacifica dance. For our Pacifica dance the girls wore a ilander dress,the boys wore a samoan lava lava.
Our rhythm of beat was from a drum. After the pacifica group was done we thanked everyone who came and took a bow to all the parents who came to watch us all  dance. Everyone in our school who participated in  to the dance lessons. It was very fun watching other classes perform and

Also the Pacifica and Kapa haka. ( Non edited recount )

Pbs Celebration of 60th Anniversary

Last week was the 2017 Pbs students and Staff Members 60th anniversary!  A letter was sent out to all students. Before the letters were sent out Staff Members had a brilliant idea for Pbs students 60th anniversary celebration. It was loud and clear that a Dance production was picked. I think it was a great idea because it showed of how bliss our dances where.  

Before Lunchtime LS1 split into five dance groups. Three groups stayed back as two groups went to the hall. As we arrived in the hall
We met our first ever dance teacher. Her name was Zoey.  She taught the first group Gangnam style while the other group Single ladies watched. Most of Gangnam style moves were identical to the dancers in the dances of the official song. After their Dance lesson it was time for the Single ladies group. Most of our dance actions were made by zoey. Then one part of the dance was from beyonce!

When Single ladies and Gangnam style was done they got told their next practise was  2 weeks time and the Three groups that stayed back had One week till their first dance lesson.The three groups name was Dougie,Whip nae nae and Harlem shake. The first group to practise was Whip nae nae. Their dance was fun moves from zoey and the dance itself. Harlem shake was the same for the actual dance. Last of all was Dougie. Dougie had great moves all from Zoey.

Since all five groups practise 2 weeks after their first practise,Mr Wong recorded all group lessons so we can practise more than Once a week. Now that our dances were recorded , we then gave up work time to practise our dances Separately.  It was very hard for us to practise in our learning time although most people completed all nine tasks.

Days after our practise,Our dance teacher put our groups dances together. We started to practise together as the teachers recorded.
As soon as everyone knew their dances we had to do some run throughs so teachers will know how it goes on the two nights of performance.

After our first day of school run throughs Mrs Burke gave 4 groups their clothes they will wear on the night. Harlem Shake was picked to dance in uniform. Most groups got picked randomly for what they have to wear. Douggie and Whip nae nae was chosen to provide their own clothes. Their clothes had to be Street clothes because of their dance and song they are dancing to.   

Everyone knew what to wear. So then Pbs had a run through with their dance clothes on. I think that Pbs danced ten times better then when we had to wear uniform.

It then was time for the first night of the production night. Everyone was nervous and excited. The first dances on was the junior classes.
Then it went on to the seniors. After the second to last dance it was time for Ls1 to show off their moves. Also after Ls1 had their dance it was time for Pacifica group. Three or four people were in Pacifica so they had to rush!

It was then the end of our first Production night. I had fun dancing because I knew all the dance moves and all my friends were involved. ( edited Recount! )