Thursday, 12 April 2018


   This week for reading Nyjah and I Created a google presentation about the animals at war. We all got into partners and created our own presentation. As groups we had to create our own group summary about world war mascots. Then as partners we gave each other feedback on each others work.


Protractor Angle Mesurements

This week for maths we solved protractor angle problems using a game called Maths playground. To solve most of the angles we  rotated our protractor to the black cross bar.  Here in my DLO I have most of our angles that we measured  into a bullet point list. While I played Maths playground I learnt more angles and more of how to measure angles.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Table master

This week for maths I used a math game called Table master. Usually I get over 30 seconds so I started to practice more of my times table. I was impressed of my results because I got  19s on 2x table. Here is my results on my trophy board.