Thursday, 31 May 2018

Fruit Combo ( Kiwi Can )

This week for Kiwi Can we played a game called Fruit combo. The Game fruit combo is a game that uses our theme integrity. Our Topic is (Doing the right thing). Fruit combo is a game the uses fruits for instructions instead of the actual words. Apple is to move forward,Orange is to turn to the opposite side of the way your standing and banana is to move back. After we played Fruit combo we did some knowledge questions.  

Kiwi Sport

This week for Kiwi Sport Ha mesh taught us how to keep spreaded out in the game rippa rugby and also how to intercept. We also versed each other in the tag colour blue and green. Kiwi sport was fun and it is very exciting.Here is a photo to group B's Kiwi sport. I think it was very fun playing rippa rugby because we all enjoyed it and we had very good sportsmanship.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Thank You Mr Grundy

This week was our last day with Mr Grundy, So  year 7 students created a thank you letter to Mr Grundy for helping us learn how to create Jewelry in a fun way! Spending time with Grundy was fun and it was cool learning how to create a pewter cast. As we all finished our cast we moved onto finishing our google doc. Thank You Mr Grundy!

Friday, 18 May 2018


This week for tech Year 7's finished off their Pewter cast designs. We are all on our Work book finishing everything off. I think all of our casts turned out to be a great ending of tech. A big thanks to Mr Grundy from tamaki college for sharing how to create a Pewter cast

Thursday, 17 May 2018


This week for Kiwi Sport Ha mesh taught us how to Play Netball rugby. After we played Ha mesh saw that most of us dident spread out so he took us into the hall and we all learnt how to pass the ball by spreading out. It was fun because all of us where happy and there where no negativity getting around every one. Although the boys made the game rough and the other team lost we all still had a great and fun time.

Speech marks ( Using Fake text )

This week for writing we practiced how to use our Speech marks correctly. To use speech marks correctly you need to always only include the words the person/character is saying. Example: "Look out!" Screamed Luke. Example of bad Speech marks: " Look out screamed Luke" ! Here is my own examples of Speech marks.

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi can our topic is Integrity and our theme is " Doing the right thing". We learnt how to do the right thing when no one was looking by playing two games. The first game we played was a game that uses integrity. So basically as Ms Lilly crosses her arms we have to clap and if she dosent cross her arms and we clap we are out. The next game we played was 1hand soccer. We splitted up into two groups and versed each other. In this game it shows how much encouragement and positivity we use throughout. We then got into the last state of Kiwican witch is when they mark us and tell us what we need to improve on to get better

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Table master

This week for other I played a game called Table master. Table master is a math multiplying game. It helps you with your times table and your speed of multiplication knowledge. If you get the answer correct it comes up as the next equation. If you get it wrong it comes up with a sad face emoji and a big red word WRONG!

Link -

Screenshots -


 Link - Magenta Blog post This week for Blog commenting I commented on Magenta's blog post ( How to survive a Cow attack! ).  I found this useful and interesting to read.  If you would like to get more information about her blog post then go ahead and click the link above. This blog post is great for cow attack survival !

Poetry/Word Clines

Waking up to a sunshine horizon. 
Thick green emerald trees sway side to side. 
A fresh cold breeze hits and the birds sing happily outside my window. 
Creaking open my window I smell the earthy rocks and the beautiful white lilies smiling at me from afar. 
( Today … ) 
I wake up to the clouds covering the warm sunshine . All the birds migrate away. The wind howls with the rain getting pushed away. My window slams open. My lilies I usually wake up to is no longer standing up with a smile. You can smell the rain and hear the thunder strike.

This week we used a Poem called two day wonder by David hill as an example for juxtaposition. Its about a  boy who is sick and he describes the world to be still,slow and rainy. Then he used juxtaposition to create the complete opposite to his first paragraph. We then created our own summer/winter version of the poem itself.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Body system

This week for inquiry Ms Kirkpatrick's group learnt about body systems. We learnt about the nervous system and the digestive system. Our digestive system is mainly something to do with our stomach. We also learnt that the nervous system is in the brain. We then looked at a photo of a skeleton. The skeleton was labeled  and named. After we read out the names of the skeleton we went on with the game. This game you have to put each bone into the body. If you have it in the wrong place the skeletons eyes turn red and the bone you put in flips out. I found this game hard because when I would put in a bone it would be right but the sides have to be right to. So I got given some help from a friend and she helped me identify the bones from left to right. 

Friday, 11 May 2018

Body Parts

This week we created a image of us using google draw. I then translated it and labeled it from English to Tongan. In my google draw I translated my English to Tongan using google draw.

Mrs gren

This week for inquiry my buddies and I created a google draw about Mrs grin story. In the story she gets told about living things. So she went out and thought lots of non-living things where living things. At the end we did a presentation about Mrs grin. Did you know Mrs grin is also a " Mnemonic "?

Narrative rhyming Poem

This week for writing we created a google document about a Narrative rhyming Poem. We  wrote down the phrase and meaning. Then we answers the question that is put in the document. I then wrote down a rhyming poem. I enjoyed this because it helped me with my vocab


This week we created a google draw about homonyms. We put in a definition and a poem using homonyms. I learnt what a homonym is and how to create one.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018



This week for reading Viva,Joseph, Nyjah and I created DLO's about " Harry's War " . First up we created a google draw that helps us expand our Vocab knowledge. We then created a Evaluating google draw. In that google draw we had written Evaluating questions with answers. Finally we created a DLO about the Bulford Kiwi. The Bulford Kiwi was made by Harry and everyone else who joined the war. Why did they create the Bulford Kiwi? Because since they missed their boat home there has been riots caused by inpatient People. During this I learnt about the Bulford kiwi and how to Evaluate and Expand my Vocabulary.

Thursday, 3 May 2018


This week me and others who joined skating had a race. Before our race we took some laps. For my race I came 2nd place coming after my best friend chavda. It was really fun as I knew how to skate fast and how I could slow down without using the basics. After our race all the winners got to have 2 more laps. We then got given Vip tickets to skait land.

The Unfinished Drink

This week we created a Narrative poem. Its about a soldier who went out for some
drinks and asked the owners of the shop to keep the bottle of beer safe. I really enjoyed creating the poem because it is very touching and happy at the same time. Because first they kept the bottle safe witch is a good thing. The sad part is that he died during war and cannot be found.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Memorial theme

This week for inquiry we read a sophisticated story book about a book called "Memorial" . This book gives you hints by the colour, tone and texture of the images. For example as I read through the book and end up with a light tone image then it will most likely be a positive picture. The opposite to light is dark and so dark images represent reality through life. When were done with  our presentation we had to pick one of our slides that we wanted to use the most. I picked the definition and example of the meaning of the book itself.

Story book : Tane Mahuta & Hine

 This week for inquiry we created a story book about a Maori legend. This legend is about how the      first woman on earth came to be. What we did was retell the legend by using Story book. We chose the types of texts and boxes we wanted to do,Settings and also the characters to use. My friend Nyjah and I worked together as we both had 3 Boxes to fill in. She created the top 3 boxes while I did the bottom. We learnt how to memories by using photos that we both took turns with on a piece of paper.