Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Poetry/Word Clines

Waking up to a sunshine horizon. 
Thick green emerald trees sway side to side. 
A fresh cold breeze hits and the birds sing happily outside my window. 
Creaking open my window I smell the earthy rocks and the beautiful white lilies smiling at me from afar. 
( Today … ) 
I wake up to the clouds covering the warm sunshine . All the birds migrate away. The wind howls with the rain getting pushed away. My window slams open. My lilies I usually wake up to is no longer standing up with a smile. You can smell the rain and hear the thunder strike.

This week we used a Poem called two day wonder by David hill as an example for juxtaposition. Its about a  boy who is sick and he describes the world to be still,slow and rainy. Then he used juxtaposition to create the complete opposite to his first paragraph. We then created our own summer/winter version of the poem itself.

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