Friday, 15 November 2019

Food print

This week the owner of the app Food print (michael) visited our school and talked to us about enterprise and how she got the idea. Michael showed us the procces she had to go through inable to create her own app and the pros/cons that come along with it. It was fun as we had the chance to learn of her for our school shop event. Each class will be doing shops/markets, selling what they made. What the app food print does is collect the good food that shops are waisting/throwing away for no reason & selling it for a affordble price. Michael app dosent only save food but it is good for our climate change and health. It is like uber eats but instead you pay on the app and collect your food.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Manaiakalni film festival

This week my class partnerd up with the new entrance classes to go to the manaiakalani film festival. The manaiakalani festival is when all schools create a film to represent at hoyts. All schools under manaiakalni gathers together to showcase their learning through movies. I found it fun as we had the oppertunity to watch other schools movies as they were funny and helped us learn new things.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Financial litrecy

This week for maths we learnt how to budget and save. Our school markets are coming up soon and so we decided it would be good if we knew how to run our very own workshop. To learn, we played a game using two dice. One with the letters (JJBBHH) and another regular with numbers. In our planner we recorded the Balance, Money in/out and our description of what we have sold. In this game I found it fun as we were "selling" hacky sacks, balls ect. We used counters to move up the pathway using the number dice for the amount of times we move the counter foward.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Tech Wood work

This week for tech the year 8 students were focusing on completing their desighns. Many were sanding down parts of their wood work while others focused on completing theyre joints. At tech I learnt how to cut wood using diffrent equiptment and tools. I found this fun as I finnaly saw my desighn coming together. At first I found it hard but as I tranfered to my other peice of  wood it was easier. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Importance of (RET)
Meaning (Respect, Empathy, Tolerance)
That girl you called fat is starving herself, the boy you mocked for crying..his mum died, that person you pushed is already getting abused at home. What goes around comes back around right? This is what happens when we aren't using respect, empathy and tolerance.

Its crucial that we are kind and respectful to everyone. Research says even the most happiest person you know is having a battle with anxiety & depression. Respect is a special skill that rarely takes part in our lives. So we need to change that and start learning to not only respect others but yourself as well (Aka) Self love. If you don't learn to love/respect yourself first,then how will you learn to respect others? Favor your insecurities because we are all imperfectly perfect.

Be understanding, caring and kind. Basically put yourself in someone else's shoes. Eg: Your friend comes to school with an empty lunchbox. Instead of mocking her/him try and feel what she/he feels and see if you can help them. It is all about feeling and understanding the other person.

The meaning of tolerance is to be open minded and think before you speak. Most of you might have heard the phrase “I don't tolerate your behavior” yes? Well maybe we should think about what we have done wrong and fix it.

Using these 3 qualities not only benefits ourselves but our surroundings as well.
This week for writing we have been focusing on practising writing an explanation. We all did  the topic of 2 qualitys aka (Respect, empathy & Tollerence) Firstly we started of by doing reasearch then started our planning. Finally we had the chance to write our explation & it had to be complete by 30mins time. I found this not only fun but a bit challenging.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Maori enterprise

This week we have been focusing on the Maori enterprise. Firstly we learnt about what enterprise is and when it started, we then had the chance to summerise the main ideas into 5 sentances each. This is our end summary as we changed into sylobles to make sure its clear and makes sense.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Maths challenge

This week for maths we have been learning how to divide each rugby stadium capacity and round them up to a full number to get our answer. Victoria, Haylee & I worked collaborative and solved each question given to us. In the process we were learning how to use different stratigies of adding, subtracting and also division.