Friday, 22 February 2019

3D Sketching

This week for tech the year eight "A" created 3d cubes. We learnt how to shade and how to make our cubes look 3D using our mid shading to make our cubes look like it is on a surface. In our first session we learnt how to draw 3D cubes. We then had to rub out the parts we dont need such as the inside. We then moved on to shading with our pencil. When we were done we moved on to the 2nd session witch was colouring in colour using light.  

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Kiwi sport - Kiorahi

This week for Kiwi sport the Yr 7/8's learnt about the history behind Kioama. We then played a game where whatever our coach Shanice called out a name from the topic Kioma we had to run to that certain place. Who ever was last did 5 star jumps. The second game we played was golden child but in a difrent form. Instead of going on the court we used the settings in the story Kioma to play our game. In the middle on the island was a rock and outside of the rock was taniwha. Taniwha had to try and hit the ball on the rock while kioma had to run around them touching the pous to get to through the island on the bridge. If Taniwha hit the rock then the the person who is running around them needs to stop. In the second round we then got 2 players from Kioma to defend the rock while the runners have turns trying to get over the bridge to saftey. During our session we learnt integrity and positive communication by encouraging each other and being honest if we were out.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Summer Learning Journey

This week we had a special visit from the SLJ team. They came to award those who participated in the activity and those who blogged a lot and commented over the holidays. The winner of the summer learning journey was Alex. Alex came first place not only in our school in all schools and around the country. He was given an Ipad mini and a bag full of lollies, sports equipment ect.. Second place was
Mele and third place was Victoria. Mele was given the same things as Alex except for the ipad mini pro. Instead Mele was give a Sony speaker. Our Spot prizes were given out to Marieta, Florence, Chavda and Sakina as they came fith place to 8th place. It was a great assembly as nearly the whole school participated in the summer learning journey.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

PE reflection

This week for PE/Kiwisport we learnt about kiorahi. In the beginning we played taniwha and kiorahi. It was fun as we played netball, basketball, soccer and touch. We learnt how to multitask as our coach called out a sport and a amount of people to play. In the end the girls won as we played our favourite sport netball.

Venn diagram Role Model

This week for inquiry I created a Venn diagram about what  the quality's of a role model is. This was fun as I learnt more about what a  role model is and I learnt more ways to use my searching skills.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Explanation SketchNote

This week for writing my partner chavda and I created a Sketch Note on the topic Explanation. Before we did this we planned it all out on paper and wrote down our ideas of an explanation. In our Sketch Note you will find some main ideas about explanations.

E-ako Maths

This week for maths we played a maths game that helps us improve on our levels. It was fun as 
we got challenged and as the equations helped us build on our knowledge. To find this math game click down bellow.