Friday, 20 October 2017

Free Rice

Today I played a game related to charity. What I mean by that is that every time  you get something correct it donates a grand of rice.


Today I commented on Aja and Luvy's Blog post.  Ajas Blog post I commented on was based on behavior. The Blog post I read on Luvys blog post was about technology.I Learnt how to comment in bigger paragraphs and always proof read my comments I make.These comments that ive published are on TPS mainakalani blog post. What I I think I need to work on is my question and Suggestions. LI: to use formal language when commenting.

           Blog Post Credit : Aja's Blog
                                       Loveys Blog Post

Instruction Video

videoLI: to add and subtract fractions of the same unit size. Today for maths I created an instruction video on how to add up fraction problems. In My video I have explained the denominater and Numerator. To make this video I used .... Screen Casting.              

Local Community

  LI: to learn inner,middle and outer. This week for inquiry we had to learn whats in inner,middle and outer. We also got to choose who or what will be in inner,middle and outer. I had fun especially the part were we got to pick what goes in what.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Production Recount

Production Recount

It was Term 3 and Pbs was getting ready for a big show. The show was based on dances. Each class got taught a dance from our dance teacher,Zoe. Most of the songs we danced to was hip hop. Especially my class. Our performance was typically a dance battle. The Songs were like a remix of what we had to dance to. It was very easy for our class because we have been giving some of our work time just to learn our dances. It was a really rough time trying to dance while getting our work done in time. It was very hard although maybe half of the class got their work done before friday.

Three people in our class including me equals four had pacifica straight after we finished our dance! Luckily our teachers found a way to do our dance and get ready in time for our Pacifica dance. For our Pacifica dance the girls wore a ilander dress,the boys wore a samoan lava lava.
Our rhythm of beat was from a drum. After the pacifica group was done we thanked everyone who came and took a bow to all the parents who came to watch us all  dance. Everyone in our school participated in  to the dance lessons. It was very fun watching other classes perform and

Also the Pacifica and Kapa haka.

20 Oct 2017 13:43:25.jpg

Today for Writing we had to write a planner recount based on the Production night. This Planner recount was made to practice for our test. I had fun writing and getting feed back on my work and I felt encouraged to work harder for when my test comes up. I would love to hear what I need to work on! Please comment on what needs fixing.

Leadership template

 LI: to use a range of comprehension strategy to go deeper into a text. Today I learnt how to use  a range of comprehension strategy to go deeper into a text. I learnt by using a page and finding the main ideas then I summerised it and Answered questions AKA Evaluating.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Proportions and ratio Problem Solving

This week for maths I created a presentation with different types of  Proportions and Ratios problems.
Since it is the holidays and I still don't under stand Proportions and Ratios very well I decided to find some strategy on how to figure  out  Proportions and Ratio problems. First I got given some problems that had to be worked out. Then I found some stratigy's on how other people solve problems like mine. Once I got an idea on how to solve Proportions and ratios I tried it out myself. What I learnt from this is that in Proportions and ratios You have to use multiplication and division most of the time.