Monday, 14 May 2018

Body system

This week for inquiry Ms Kirkpatrick's group learnt about body systems. We learnt about the nervous system and the digestive system. Our digestive system is mainly something to do with our stomach. We also learnt that the nervous system is in the brain. We then looked at a photo of a skeleton. The skeleton was labeled  and named. After we read out the names of the skeleton we went on with the game. This game you have to put each bone into the body. If you have it in the wrong place the skeletons eyes turn red and the bone you put in flips out. I found this game hard because when I would put in a bone it would be right but the sides have to be right to. So I got given some help from a friend and she helped me identify the bones from left to right. 


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  2. Greetings Fui,
    The detail in your blurb is great and tells me more about what you learnt like the digestive system,nervous system and the skeletal parts of our bodies. Although could you please add some more detail of the two systems and the skeleton parts? I have wrote about the bones in your body and whats so important which I noticed in your post.