Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Dream job

I would be a doctor to provide people with the help and care they need . In every one's life they need a doctor that can do check ups and more to keep their heart beating . I grew up my life seeing doctors when ever I got fevers or infections. If I were to have a second option it would be to be a singer as it will turn my job into a hobbie!

( This week for summer learning journey I had to talk about my dream job. My dream job is to be a doctor or a singer. My top pick is to be a doctor no matter how hard it takes. Being a doctor is hard but thats why I need to make the best of it at school )


  1. Hi Fui,
    I like how you wanted to be a doctor, I bet you will be great! Maybe next time you should find out some facts about doctors so when you grow up you can be ready and already know some facts from research and university. I have wanted to be a doctor too but only for a while and then I wanted to bee something else. What inspired you to be a doctor?

    Great Blog Post!

  2. Hi Fui,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team!
    Wow! Being a doctor would be very cool! It would be a lot of hard work and you'd have to know a lot of things. But with some determination and perseverance, you could do it! What do you think the most fun thing would be about being a doctor?

    Being a singer would be very different from being a doctor. Who are your favourite singers at the moment? I wonder if they have inspired you to want to sing.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over summer.